Etiquette & Rules at Carolina Foothills Resort!

All Etiquette and Rules are enforced by Carolina Foothills Resort Security and Office Staff. All reports should be reported to office staff or security wearing Carolina Foothills Resort Black Bands. If you rather file a complaint online, please CLICK HERE.

  1. NUDITY REQUIRED: Nudity is required at all times (weather permitting, women’s issues, etc.) First time visitors are granted an adjustment period at the discretion of club officials. The wearing of bathing suits, lingerie, and underwear as outerwear is not permitted anywhere on the grounds.
  2. SIGN IN: Visitors and members must sign in and pay grounds fees on arrival.
  3. COURTESY: NUDISTS ALWAYS CARRY A TOWEL TO SIT ON. For sanitary reasons, never sit on another’s towel or on a bare seat.
  4. PHOTOGRAPHY: No photography or videos are to be taken without the approval of the Board of Directors and without a member of the Board present.
  5. SEXUAL BEHAVIOR: This is a FAMILY CLUB. Inappropriate sexual behavior or language will not be tolerated. Please report inappropriateness to any club official.
  6. ALCOHOL & DRUGS: Intoxication or the use of illegal drugs is not permitted. You are responsible for your own behavior at all times. Intoxicated persons may be asked to leave and lose the privilege of future visits and/or membership.
  7. GLASS CONTAINERS: No glass containers in the common areas (pool and hot tub areas, etc.) for safety reasons.
  8. SMOKING: When smoking in the club area, care must be taken to dispose of the butts in the proper containers. Please do not toss them on the ground, in toilets, or other places not designated for disposal. Smoking is not allowed in the clubhouse. Please remember to be courteous to non-smoking friends.
  9. POOL & HOT TUB: Nudity is required in the pool and hot tub. No glass containers allowed. Shower with soap before entering the pool or hot tub. The use of bubbles in the hot tub is not permitted. Children under 12 must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult while using the pool. Children under 12 are not allowed in the hot tub. Over 12 thru adult may use the hot tub until 10 PM. Adults ONLY after 10PM.
  10. CHILDREN: Children are our most cherished guests. Members and guests are responsible for their children’s behavior at all times. Parents may not leave children on the grounds in their absence. Children under the age of 18 are prohibited from smoking anywhere on club property. Children under 12 must be in their campsite or home (for permanent residents) by 10:00PM. All children under 12 must be under direct supervision of a responsible adult while using the pool, darts, pool table, and ping-pong table. Adults only at all club dances after 10PM, when children will be expected to be at their campsite.
  11. WEAPONS: Visitors are not permitted to bring weapons (guns, knives, etc.) of any kind onto the property.
    PETS: Pets are not allowed in any of the common areas and should be kept in your campsite if they are brought for overnight stays. All pet droppings are the responsibility of the pet owner.
  12. APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE: Visitors and members must refrain from using profane language, especially around children. Please report inappropriate language to any club official.
  13. BODY JEWELRY: Body jewelry below the navel is not allowed. Please remove any body jewelry below the navel when visiting CFR. This does not apply to items such as navel jewelry, anklets, or toe rings