First Time Visitor Frequently Asked Questions



What should I plan to bring for my first visit?
You should remember to bring the following items:
> Towels (minimum 2 per/person)
> Sunscreen
> Comfortable shoes or sandals
> Lounge Chair
> Photo ID (i.e.. Driver’s License, State
   issued ID card, Military ID) for each adult
> Change for soft drinks, ice, etc.
Are you open during the winter?
While many prefer to visit during the warmer summer months, we are open only during event weekends during the off-season.
Will I feel self conscious being nude?
After the first 10 minutes, most people begin to feel very comfortable. In the friendly, accepting atmosphere of a club you may soon find any self consciousness melting away. Most people say “I feel so relaxed! I wish I’d done this years ago.”
How do children fit in at nudist clubs?
Children participate at nudist clubs and resorts as they do in any other family environment. They are the ones who stand to gain the most from nude recreation because of the positive influences on their psychological development. Many mental health professionals agree that family nudity promotes a healthy self-concept during the formative years.
What happens if a male becomes aroused?
They could take a swim, roll over for a short while, or temporarily cover up with something. In any case, use common sense and be considerate.
What if a female has that time of month?
If external protection is preferred, bikini bottoms or shorts are acceptable.