Carolina Foothills Resort Board and Committees

CFR Board of Directors/ Committees/Teams are listed below.
If you have an interest in assisting with or serving on any of the Committees or Teams, please reach out to the respective Director or Chairperson next time you are at Camp. Or you can let the Office Staff know and they will put you in touch.

CFR 2017 Board of Directors:
President: Steve Y
Vice President: Jeff E
Treasurer: Brett L
Secretary: Barry R
Members at Large: Gary R, Frank Mc, and Charlie C.

2017 Committees:


 Gary R
Gigi R
Cindy Y, Linda C, Isabela A
Security / Safety
 Gary R
Steve Y, Susan W, Monica H, Frank M, Stan V, Doug D, & John B
Land Use
 Theresa D
Ronnie W
Stan V, Steve Y, Brett L, Frank M, Paul M
Trails / Maps
 Theresa D
Laury T
Karen L & Danny T
Public Relations / AANR
 Steve Y
Sheren K
Theresa D
Finance / By-Laws
 Marion T
Brett L
Cindy Y, Paul Mc
 Barry R
Cindy Y
Deb G.
 Barry R
Jason R
 Cheri C
Linda C
Food & Event Support
Isabela A, Sugar M, Becky M, & Susan W
Grill Chef’s
Bob A, Gary R, & Danny T
Tom C
Music / DJ’s
 Jerry S
Russ C, Barry R, Jeff D, Alan C, Jerry S, Steve Y
 Cheri C
Russ C, Sugar M, Karen L, Tom C
25 Year Anniversary
 Theresa D
Cindy Y, Stephanie E, Barry R, Judy R, Frank H, and Paul McC