Welcome to Carolina Foothills Resort! - Carolina Foothills Resort is a family oriented nudist resort and campground located in Chesnee, South Carolina.  Our name comes from being nestled in the Foothills of the beautiful North Carolina Mountains.

Feed the Pig!! 
Change for Change!
See the new $1000 Challenge, below...

Some have said: "Hey, when are we getting that Conversation Pool?" I have overheard "When pigs fly!" Well, game on!!!  Anything is possible when you involve the CFR membership!! 
When you walk into the clubhouse you will notice the Conversation Pool goal board. The amazing CFR membership are going 'hog wild' trying to raise money for a conversation pool. Conversation pools are cooler than a hot tub and warmer than a pool as it is smaller, using it earlier and longer in the season.  So, this is an added amenity for YOU to enjoy.

The philanthropic pig graces the front desk at the office and is ready to accept offerings! Drop your spare change in the pig or give larger denominations / donations to the office staff and let them know you are feeding the pig!! Any amount great and small that is placed in the pig will go toward the conversation pool fund. So, bring home the bacon, oh naked ones, and feed the pig!  At the end of each event weekend we will announce how much money the pig was able to fetch that weekend.  Yes, the pig is hungry, very hungry…. 
At the end of Carnivale 2017 (Sept 15-17, 2017) we will summon the pig to see how much is in the piggy bank. Once we have a Conversation Pool there WILL be a big, fat, sloppy, hog wild, pig pickin' party where pigs will be flying!! 
So get your pig on CFR and GIVE BIG TO THE PIG!!  

$1000 Pool Fund Challenge !!!! 

An anonymous donor will match any amount given to the Pool Fund up to $1000!!
Accept the Challenge: Make Your Donation (any amount) and Be Sure and Let the Office Staff know it goes toward the $1000 Challenge. When we get to $1000 (any combination of donations), it will be matched by our very generous donor!!   Challenges received so far,  now at $267 !!

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